come se come sa.

i've been feeling a little blah lately. nothing too critical, just a cluster of little stuff that's been dragging me down. i had a terrible week at work last of those weeks where you might just quit if friday doesn't come faster. oddly it wasn't the client stuff that was taxing me, but the internal stuff. i won't bore everyone with the details, but apparently i'm pretty resistant to passive aggressive personality modification techniques.

ella went to the vet for another check up last thursday. she wasn't actually due until september, but one of her molars has been looking pretty scary and her breath has been even worse. everything checked out okay, but now she has some new medicine; tylan powder which goes into her drinking water. antibiotics AND steroids...we may just have to get ella her own med box.

i finally bought a new point & shoot digital camera. there are just some times when i don't want to lug around the dSLR, all those filters and lenses. our old p&s camera was pretty outdated, so the Canon Powershot SX110IS is a serious upgrade. it's actually set up much the same as the dSLR, with the option to manually program shots or just shoot in auto. there's also an "easy" mode, but i can't imagine how it could get any easier than shooting in "auto". i look forward to being able to take some better quality photos during our backpacking trips.

speaking of which...we really need to get to planning our first outing of the season! a few nights in the woods would surely shake me out of my current funk!


  1. keep that resistance up! we dont want you any different than yourself :)

    Ella looks stunning as usual in her greenery shot.

    also trying to decide on a July backpack trip...shall we coordinate trips to accomodate the sharing of the bear canisters this season?

  2. Perhaps it's in the air? Partner said the same thing - little fit of blah or ennui lately. Ella sure looks like a right proper model in that shot!


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