fresh air.

a little hiking and sketching today on hadley mtn.
crosbi always steals the show with her trail fashions.

people can't resist commenting on a dog with a backpack on.

not a drop of water from the sky, but the blackflies are still reigning...


  1. Yippee for Hadley Mountain! I was hoping you would do some sketching while you were up there. Looked beautiful up there today...thanks for a peek at somewhere I would have loved to have been had it not been for 2 ballgames!!!

  2. I hiked Hadley Mtn this spring and it was wonderful. I really great hike. Can't wait to do it again!

  3. thanks for stopping by jess! i dropped by your blog and noticed that you are a fellow gf'er, so i added you to my local blogger listing.
    (hope you don't mind)

  4. Hey Renee, I'm always glad to find local people who are also into nature! Of course I don't mind that you added me to your local listing. Thanks for checking out my blog! My computer has been on the fritz, but it seems to be working now, so I should be updating more often.


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