keepin' it low pro.

•nothing of much consequence has happened this week. you can call it apathy or laziness if you want, but i'm gonna say it's "resting up". we're going backpacking on friday and plan to hike the four high peaks in the seward range. 'nuff said.

•we went to our friend's restaurant, The Long Horn on Lake Vanare yesterday. great "adirondack" ambiance, AND they have a veggie burger on the menu. they're still waiting on a liquor license (since february!), but once they get it, they'll be serving dinner in addition to breakfast and lunch.

•i've been dehydrating this weekend; food that is. this is my first test run making backpacking food. we'll be bringing commercially prepared stuff just in case i totally farked this up, but we'll also be eating baja burritos made by moi. here's a shot of some shriveled up cabbage...doesn't it look...well...shriveled? hopefully it'll taste better than it looks.


  1. Is dehydrated cabbage rehydratable? I've never thought of that.

  2. the cabbage stays a little crunchy/chewy when rehydrated, but not unpalatable.
    certainly better than what i assume dehydrated lettuce would be like...


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