a little jaunt.

it is often easy to get pre-occupied with mountains in the adirondacks, but what made me love this area initially was the woods.
today we took a hike, a rugged walk really, into inman pond. i had never been there and didn't really expect much. probably because there were no "peaks" involved. but i was graciously surprised.
the walk is easy; less than three miles round trip. the fact that you pass no one (try that in the high peaks) makes it feel much further out. beautiful woods, then the pond...i fell in love. crosbi swam, i sketched and adam snapped pictures. it's nice to just sit and enjoy the quiet and not rush to conquer miles once in a while.
there are three designated campsites with firepits around the pond and we will certainly be back to stay overnight.


  1. what a nice report. glad you had your nature fix :)

  2. Wow - that beautiful. Now that's my kind territory - lakes and streams. (Probably has something to do with why I moved to Franklin County - LOL.) That little jetty is just awesome. Gorgeous pic. Glad you had a good time!


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