whattcha been up to?

so you've probably been noticing that i've been kinda callin' it in for the last two weeks. let me give you an abridged version of what's been going on.

•my vegetable garden has been crapping the bed. it never really took off this year, mostly because of our wet and cool summer. my eggplants are only now starting to really set fruit and the tomatoes all "caught the blight". the flowers haven't really fared much better. it's most obvious with the sage and snapdragons. everything just stayed pretty small and hasn't been very spectacular. it's not a total failure as any gardener knows, because this year's failures have taught me many lessons for future gardens.

•i've been recently obsessed with cooking with eggs. it started with this article from the kitchn, then it just took on a life of it's own. frittatas, carbonaras (sans bacon), etc.

•i picked up working on my family tree. i added a little more than a hundred people, bringing the total tree to more than one thousand people. a few years back i got stuck and had given up the researching. recently, i found an error in my tree around 1800 which had caused the problem. my great (x4) grandfather, edward had three wives (a double widower) and i had listed the wrong wife in my tree. fixing this has brought me back to the 16th century, which is where i'm stuck again.

•hosting a garage sale is a great way to people watch. especially since the people come right to your house.

•i am particularly finicky about jewelery, but recently found a very awesome beach glass "cairn" necklace on etsy. it was hand made by sarah schneider in california. you can see her work here.

•we FINALLY got to bring home our new "child", louie blu yesterday. he's adjusting pretty well; especially since he's never met a dog before. it will be a few weeks for everyone to find their niches but it will all work out.
here is a gratuitous kitty shot:


  1. Your new baby is absolutely gorgeous!

    I'm sorry about your garden. We haven't done a vegetable garden in a long time. But some of the perennials have done well. The bee balm especially. Some of it has self-seeded itself down by the marsh on our property.

  2. well, I can add to the sad list of affected creatures from our cold/rainy summer. We are not going to have any honey. A check of the bees has revealed that they will barely have enough for themselves. Most likely due to all the rain. They weren't out flying as much as they needed to be in order to produce enough honey to harvest.

    Love the new baby. give him a little pat on that gorgeous head for me :)

  3. First ... Congratulations! ...and WELCOME, LOUIE BLU!!! You have a pair of the best people parents a pet could ask for...I'm sure you will know boundless joys and will be showered with love and laughter.

    Second ... you've inspired me to move on a desire I had 3 or so years ago. I've a pretty good collection of sea glass that I acquired while living on the bay and some from here on the ocean. I've kept it as it's beautiful, but always imagined giving it a place in silver. A local woman was selling her pieces (sea glass made into jewelry), a few miles from my old place. When the cold days of winter come, I'll work on making beautiful, magical jewelry...it will pass the time until the warmth of summer returns.

    Enjoy your new baby. Hope all is well.

  4. Your new kitty is adorable and it makes me miss my cat that was hit by a car last summer :( She was the perfect cat and has made me wary that a new one would not hold up to her awesomeness...

    Our perennials have been amazing this year! Really the first year that everyone who pulls in the driveway comments on them. Our mulch is very moldy and has sprouted some really interesting muchrooms.
    Sorry to hear about the garden, I have big dreams of a potted garden on my deck...if only I had a pot to squat in...


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