a big surprise.

seven years ago adam and i hiked our first adirondack high peak together. as it was adam's first high peak, i chose cascade mtn. i think cascade is a great "intro to the high peaks" hike. at less than three miles up and with a full 360 degree view, it's an awesome pay-off for a smaller amount of effort.

so when adam chose cascade mtn for a day hike yesterday, almost exactly seven years later, i thought it was sentimental and sweet.

little did i know that he had bigger plans!
once at the top, adam got down on his knees (in shorts! on the granite top of an adirondack mountain!). trying not to choke up and simultaneously trying to keep crosbi in control on the leash, he pulled out a blue bandana and unwrapped a little black box. words were a blur, but there was a proposal and there was an affirmation (albeit a bit delayed from shock).

what an awesome day!

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  1. WHHHAATTTT!!!! Did he propose you wear bandanas??? :)
    Any pics of the ring or is that tacky???


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