a little information.

they say that a little information can be dangerous. i agree. you know when you learn something and you wish you had never found out about it? then you can't stop thinking about it...
what...just me?
okay, whatever.
anyway, this is what happened to me earlier this week when i read this article on treehugger. mercury in mascara? really?!?
and to those of you who don't wear mascara, please stay with me. the article links to skin deep, a site maintained by the environmental working group. skin deep is a database of cosmetics and their safety based on the known (i.e. listed) ingredients of the product. the products listed vary from eyeshadow to baby care items to toothpaste and shampoo.
those that know me would understand that i am not a big cosmetics freak. my makeup regimen is limited to a little mascara, but i do have a minor obsession with lip balm. there is a whole section of lip balm listings and most of it is NOT pretty!
the site is easy to navigate. you can search by typing in the items you currently use or you can just browse the database. be careful though, you may wind up throwing out the contents of your bathroom!


  1. ok..this stuff creeps me out too but I have always felt that I "need" to wear mascara or people tell me I look tired. So this morning I didnt have time to put makeup on before work and Adam starts laughing and asks if I am afraid of mercury!!!

  2. considering that i probably go through less than three tubes of mascara annually, i think i'll start buying the safer (and much more expensive) stuff online...


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