you can't predict the weather.

we hiked big slide and the brothers today. we didn't originally plan on it, but wound up taking the loop; going up big slide from john's brook and back down the three brothers.

the weather was perfect until shortly before we summitted big slide. of course. it was sort of like standing in a cloud on top of big slide.

on the way down the brothers the weather improved and the sky cleared affording us the views that this hike is so known for.


  1. that is a great hike and one that I would do again someday. Glad you ended up with some sun and views. From the summit, the views are not much different than from the 2nd and 3rd brother.

  2. We did Noonmark yesterday. Same story. Completely obscured view at the top until moments before we decided to head down. Then, the clouds parted and revealed the epic view we had hoped for.

  3. Glad you had a good hike! My boyfriend and I did the loop starting with the Brothers last October. The weather was horrible. High wind and pouring rain. No views from any of the Brothers... actually we had a hard time telling which Brother we were on at any time. It got really bad by the time we got to the junction with the Big Slide Summit, so we decided not to chance it. :/ Glad you made it the whole way!

  4. We dropped down from Canada and hiked the Brothers and Big Slide last year around the same time. Conditions were perfect as you can tell from the photos in the link below.


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