fall gardening.

it is officially the end of the growing season here in my backyard. i say that because today we cleared out the vegetable bed and prepped the soil for next years plantings. all of the compost we have been making for the last year went into the garden.
we also planted garlic for the 2010 harvest. this year i decided to skip the softneck varieties altogether. i find hardneck varieties to be much tastier and easier to peel. i have heard that hardneck garlic is more cold hearty than softneck garlic, although i have never noticed much of a difference.
adam made his annual round of leaf gathering. as our yard is predominantly surrounded by cedar trees, we need to "borrow" our neighbors fallen leaves for composting and mulching. not surprisingly, our neighbors don't seem much to mind.
a peek into my gardening journal...

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  1. thanks for the look! my father has a journal from our (his) farming days and it has been priceless to look back at and read about the activity. good and bad...what worked and what didnt :)


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