things have not exactly been copacetic in my corner of the world lately.

i have been letting some things slide; the biggest example being my gym attendance. for over a month i've been able to justify once weekly visits being "good enough". i will have to call my own bluff to stop this slow descent into lassitude.

in additon, ella's illnesses continue. to clarify, i'm speaking of her recent, seemingly minor upper respiratory infection not her unclarified and looming ailment necessitating weekly steroids. we took her to the vet immediately and she was given a time release antibiotic shot which lasts for two weeks. after almost three weeks she is still stuffy and sneezy. it's pretty terrible to watch; especially because there is little we can do. yet another trip to the vet is in order. i think adirondack animal hospital can name a wing after me or something by now.

to top it off, i seem to have picked up a little virus myself.
just in time for the weekend, of course.

grumble, grumble, grumble...

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