one of my favorite things.

even though it signals the end of summer weather, flip flops and eating dinner on the porch, i look forward to going to the orchard to pick apples every fall. it's more than just a tradition. it makes me happy. maybe it's the sugar high from eating more apples in one day than i do the rest of the year, or maybe it's the fresh, hot and delicious cider donuts, but i love the annual trip to hick's orchard.

i never quite understand the folks that drive all the way out to granville just to go into the apple barn and grab an already picked bag of apples. there is nothing quite like going out into the orchard and picking them yourself.

when pulling into the orchard and after you sign the safety waiver, the orchard keepers always ask what type of apple you have come to pick in order to send you in the right direction. i usually say northern spy, but i know full well that we will be walking throughout the orchard to pick multiple different types. this apple variety indecision gets me into trouble because i never seem to be able to distinguish the different types of apples once i get walking around and eat a few. now, i can tell the difference between the easy ones, like red delicious (yuck!) and the green varieties, but the others all start to blend together. i kick myself every year for not bringing a little apple cheat sheet (something like this, except easily printable).

anyone have a resource they can direct me to?


  1. I was there yesterday! Hick's is great, and tradition in my family.

    But no cheat sheet here... I usually pick an apple, taste it, and if I like it, I grab a bunch :-).


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