hurricane mountain.

it's winter in the adirondack mountains!

we discovered this when hiking hurricane mountain today.

i got a very slow start, worsened by the fact that while short, the hike up hurricane is quite steep in parts.

there was more snow on the ground as the elevation got higher, and beyond about 3,000 ft there were patches of pretty thick ice. nothing a little careful stepping couldn't's not snowshoe season just yet.

at least not for another week or two...


  1. you can always be sure that you will get your first look at snow in October if you're a hiker!

  2. Wow - The pics are all terrific (and that view in the last one ain't too shabby either), but I LOVE that first pic. I want to see snow ... ah, well. Here I am up in SL, STILL just CONTEMPLATING hiking Baker.


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