an open letter to Senator Little.*

Dear Senator Little,

I am writing as a constituent of Glens Falls to request your support of marriage equality in New York.
While I understand this is a controversial issue; it is ultimately one of civil rights. The legal protections and recognition of committed couples should not be restricted only to those of opposite sexes.
I urge you as my elected representative to support marriage equality so that all loving New York families can be protected equally by their government. I will be watching throughout the year to see how you vote and advocate on this issue that means so much to me and my family.


Reneé H.
Glens Falls, NY

*an edited version of the letter sent to my state senator. if you are a NY resident and feel that equal rights are essential, please contact your state senator immediately to let them know. tell them to support marriage equality! find your senator here and send them an email!

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