growing another year is what we make it, yes?
i try hard to not engage in negative age talk about myself, but it certainly can be challenging. some days the less empowering effects of aging seem so much more obvious, rather than the knowledge and experience it brings.
i think about this now because it is time for two birthdays; my own 34th birthday and this blog's 2nd birthday.
here's to a new year of wisdom, growth and peace! and here's a link to find out some interesting but non-life changing information about your own birthday.

(click the photo for source)


  1. Those cupcakes look superyum!!!
    When is the big wedding day?
    Happy Birthday!

  2. no big day yet...probably fall 2011.
    we're paying for it pretty much ourselves so we need some time to save!
    (thanks for the birthday wishes!)

  3. happy upcoming birthday fellow scorpio :)

  4. also...yeah for your blog turning two!

  5. um, is that a cupcake topped with a cookie topped with ice cream? because OMG YES PLEASE.


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