digital dealings.

sometimes i wonder how i've let the internet and it's culture creep into most aspects of my life.  let me be clear:  i do not regret this.  while i definitely agree that we all need to consciously "unplug" to stay sane and grounded, i also believe that used wisely, the internet allows me to streamline and share more my life.
correspondence, banking, shopping and research are all things that i do primarily on the computer.  i have certainly become dependent on digital living, but the fact that my favorite past time is hiking and backpacking shows that i am also very happy without it.
i admit to being on social networking and information sharing sites; including facebook, librarything,, yelp, delicious and twitter.  new additions include flickr and (thanks to my brother) netflix. 
am i crazy?  i don't think so. 
do i sometimes avoid phone and face to face interactions because they can be more stressful and less effective than the corresponding digital versions?  definitely!
do i have real friends and family which i can (and do) see, hug and spend quality time with?  of course!
are you like me or do you think that the internet is the beginning of the downfall of human interaction?


  1. I totally agree with you. I love the internet and I will usually contact someone online or even via text message instead of calling them. And my favorite activity is also hiking. :)

  2. i like texting and emailing better than phone most times for myself. my strongest opinion about the downfall is the rate at which kids text each other...not so much that they arent having audio and visual with each other but the fact their constant interaction interferes with the flow of family interaction.


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