my humble opinion.

as a resident and a homeowner in Glens Falls, i am just wondering if anyone is truly surprised that The Mill, Bruce Levinsky's grand idea of luxury condominiums in the heart of the city failed?  after all this time and money, does anyone even live there?
i read in the Post Star last week that the bank (Amalgamated) has taken ownership of the complex.
the Mill is nice and all, but is exceptionally overpriced for the Glens Falls area.  considering that the median income for residents is about $30,000 and the Mill's cheapest condo was $250,000, it always seemed an unrealistic and poorly researched project to me.  the irony that the condominiums are named "the mill" appears almost patronizing considering the folks who work at the actual mills in the area wouldn't even come close to being able to afford living there.
the Chronicle states that the condos are now for rent for between $1,200 and $3,000 monthly.  yikes!
don't get me wrong, i really hope the The Mill works out.  Glens Falls deserves success.  i just wish we could get developers who created projects aimed at serving the needs and interests of residents instead of only their own.

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  1. Being as I am not a resident, I never felt like I should have much of an opinion about it. However, when I would come through on the bus or in the car and I saw it going up - and then when i saw the prices ... I did wonder what was going on. Seems a little grand.


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