now that you mention wormholes...

have you seen the movie, Donnie Darko?
yeah...i know that it was released almost a decade ago, but i'm not so up to date on my movies, okay?
but more to the point, you should watch Donnie Darko...that is if you haven't already.  it's a mind puzzle, although you won't really know it until the very end when it totally drops a bomb on you.  unless you're Stephen Hawking it'll take you a half second, or if you're like me it'll take some internet searching to get a clue.
sorta reminds me of how i felt after watching Primer.


  1. Just watched the sequel last night - not nearly as good.

  2. i've heard that the sequel is a bit of a disappointment.
    i think i read that the writer and director of donnie darko had nothing to do with the sequel?

  3. Yeah, I think I would suggest you not bother with the sequel. But I loved the original.


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