double decadence.

we don't do much for valentine's day around these parts.  i tend to think of it as a commercial holiday, much like most of the other holidays that exist.  adam and i don't exchange gifts...ever.

but what we always do (holiday or not) is EAT!
here is adam's contribution to yesterday's meal:

broccoli and squash macaroni & cheese via 30 days, 30 ways with macaroni & cheese

and here is what i contributed:
cinnamon roll cheesecake (sans frosting) via culinary concoctions by peabody.

i should also mention that this was my first cheesecake making experience and i was a little bit nervous.  it turned out fantastic and wasn't hard at all.


  1. ooo wee! That mac and cheese looks good. Did it have bread crumbs on it? yum!

  2. it does have breadcrumbs on it.
    we don't usually use them...normally we just heap more cheese on for a crispy cheese crust, but for once we decided to follow a recipe as written.
    nothing wrong with buttery crunchy breadcrumbs!


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