not quite spring cleaning.

i'm a girl that values simplicity.
clutter makes me anxious and prevents me from concentrating.  i like to order what i can so that i can flow with the inevitable and trans-formative chaos.  i think of it as preparedness rather than obsessive-compulsiveness; sort of like being a girl scout.
while this usually works for me, order and simplicity can also be boring.  i like change and creative impulsiveness too.  this is why i felt that my dry-toast-bored-to-tears blog layout needed some sprucing up.
i'm still getting used to it, but i think it's just what this place needed.
any comments or suggestions?


  1. thanks corin!
    you're new blog look isn't too shabby either, tmc!

  2. I haven't the slighest idea how you get new backgrounds? I hate the look of my blog, but am to retarded to setup a new one (yes I said retarded with no ill-intent toward any group of individuals)

    Enlighten me O'Technosavy One...

  3. @kate it's really not that hard...i'll send you an email


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