neglectful gardener.

i have an admission to make.  we didn't start any seeds for the vegetable or flower gardens this year.  we kept saying we were going to do it, but never did.
i like to start seeds myself because it gives me more choices of what to grow.  this year i will be at the mercy of the garden stores selection.  we'll avoid the big box chains and buy from one of the local nursery's; perhaps toadflax or mead's.
the only things growing in the garden right now are the perennial flowers and herbs, and the garlic we planted last fall.  i haven't even fed the garlic yet, hopefully it's not too late.
luckily my neglect doesn't seem to have affected the tulips and daffodils.  the tall scarlet tulips at the end of the driveway seem to come back stronger each year.


  1. Don't give up all hope! We often don't manage to start things indoors (although we vow every year that we will) but still manage to have happy jungle gardens of all varieties of veggies and herbs. It's not too late to just start all sorts of lettuces and peas and other things right in the garden from seeds.

  2. I started a bunch of seeds yesterday... a tad late but whatever. A bunch were from my seed box in the refrigerator and are more of a science experiment than a gardening effort. Will vegetable seeds from 2005 sprout? We'll see!

    I'm the neglectful gardener... this'll be the first year in YEARS that I have a real, food producing garden. Growing anything is better than growing nothing. :)

  3. @woodswoman extraordinaire i should do lettuce...although mine always seem to go to seed too quickly.
    i couldn't imagine not growing tomatoes, so we plan on shopping around for a good selection. my biggest peeve is the fact that we grow organically and there doesn't seem to be any garden stores around here that sell organically grown seedlings.

    @tmc i still have and use left over seeds (flowers and vegetables) going back to 2006. some types of seeds stay viable for many years (lettuce, for example). the worst thing that can happen is that the germination rate decreases.
    and you're right, any garden is better than no garden!

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  5. So is Neglectful gardener a play on the movie The Constant Gardner??? If so, bravo. I have not seen the movie so maybe I am way off as I am assuming its not actually a movie about gardening.....but more tending to your constant changin life, weeding out the shmos that sort of thing.
    Anyways, I attempted to start tomoato seeds, but Violet was "helping" so they ended up in a pile and have been lovingly overwatered--eh.


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