short attention span sunday.

hi there.
i seem to lack focus today. maybe i have contracted a case of viral adhd.
what? there is no such thing?!?
it's more likely that my blogging motivation is waning due to the weather.
we have spent most of today outside in the garden. yesterday we tore down a cheap, sh*tty fence that the previous owners of our house had put up. for the last five years we thought it was the neighbors fence because the "nice" side was facing us. apparently, the previous owners of our house weren't very neighborly and put up the fence "backwards".
now that the crap-fence is gone, we have some extra space for planting. which means we spent the first part of today hopping between garden stores. we returned home with a couple sand cherry bushes, lavender, kale, summer and winter squash and snap peas.
oh, and a rose bush. i'm not sure what happened there. rose bushes are not generally on my garden radar. they seem...well, antiquated. maybe it was an impulse purchase? regardless, i need to quickly learn how to care for this new addition, lest i want to kill it. i'll take any tips or tricks if you've got 'em!


  1. Sundays in the garden. Yes.
    What kind of a rose bush did you choose? If you bought one of the fabulous 'new'shrub rose - groundcover rose - varieties, you may not have to worry over it much at all! They have crossed the hardiest rose species with varieties that incorporate repeat and long season bloom.
    Hope you have one of those!

  2. @sarah
    our rose bush is a Rosa 'Meideweis', a floribunda. from my brief research (which i did AFTER purchasing the plant), it seems like it is one of the varieties you're referring to; a hybrid with a lot of disease resistance.


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