it's not the heat, it's the humidity.

it's warm. like sitting in melted butter warm. like only some girl who likes snow would whine about kind of warm.
to me, it's hot outside.
did i mention we don't have air conditioning?
remember, i live in upstate new york...on purpose. this weather is sapping the little bit of motivation i have. almost everything seems difficult to the extent of being impossible.  anything that touches me is likely to trigger great discomfort or potential violence.
in light of those negative affirmations, here are some positive things for you to read:

•due to a gross miscalculation on my part (hold's really going to be a positive statement), i realized that we have actually hiked 32 of the 46 adirondack high peaks. somehow three peaks (south dix, dial and nippletop) got lost in the shuffle.  i never claimed to be very good at math, but figured i would have kept better track of something like this.  we're currently planning a backpacking trip and if the weather holds out, we'll be bagging three more peaks.  that 46r patch doesn't seem so far off after all.

•i'm starting to narrow down the design for my shoulder tattoo. if you're interested you can check out the first color draft over here. please give me feedback if you feel so inclined. i am open to any suggestions; except perhaps those that include unicorns, rainbows or tribal/chinese characters.

•i am actually running on the treadmill at the gym.  i was strictly confining myself to the elliptical and the stationary bike due to my hip injury.  i am now running about 4 miles each gym visit.  i am starting to add some incline and hope to be able to maintain a 6 mph pace soon.

any positive news to share on your end?


  1. loving that draft of your future tattoo!

    you are a beast on the's awesome when fitness progress is actually measurable!! I can't believe I can bike 10 miles including hills in 40 minutes now.

    and of course my comment would not be complete without saying how the hell did you forget about dial and nippletop!?!

  2. i don't feel like such a beast on the treadmill at least not with the heat! i'm sure you know...biking around out on the hot asphalt has got to be a challenge!
    and perhaps i had some selective amnesia re: dial and nippletop ;)


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