today is adam's birthday.
partly because of this, it's been a busy few days full of socializing and meeting up with folks for celebrations of different varieties.
i never was, nor ever will be a real social butterfly or party-er. i love my friends and family, but socializing as a general concept is extremely exhausting for me. i have to mentally prep myself to spend time with large groups of people. trying to shout over lots of talking or music inevitably leads to disjointed conversations where no one is sure what is going on; the times where you smile and nod because it's easier than asking for clarification. bars and concerts are fun in very small doses, but aren't where you form real lasting relationships with people.
only with the people who exist in my "inner circle" can i relax and not feel drained of energy by their presence. these are the folks that can have a thoughtful conversation about almost anything and aren't uncomfortable with silence. my best friends are people who don't need constant action, appreciate simple activities like sitting around a campfire or eating a meal together.
i am lucky that not only is adam one of those people, but he also understands how overwhelmed i can get by certain social situations. our lives are full of exceptionally awesome people and i enjoyed every moment with them this weekend.
now i am going to thoroughly appreciate spending a lazy sunday with my favorite person on his 33rd birthday.


  1. Hi Renee,

    I completely know what you mean. Planning and hosting a party is exhausting. The socializing is too! It can be awkward with loud music and a lot of people. I think you're so right that this isn't really the place for in depth conversation, especially because you usually don't talk to one person for that long.

    I feel the same way about my close friends: I can be comfortably silent with them. Sometimes it's almost nicer that way! It's nice just to physically be with them.

    I hope you soon get some rest and relaxation now that this is over! I hope Adam really appreciates it!

  2. @loveable homebody
    i definitely did get some rest and relaxation, thanks!
    and adam is awesome...he always appreciates my efforts; especially when it comes to being outside of my comfort zone!


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