endorphines will pull you through.

(please pardon the iphone photo)
so here it is!
i'll have to return once it heals to get the highlights and finishing touches completed.  my skin just wasn't taking the ink after three+ straight hours of tattooing.  the artist noted that it was like trying to tattoo a water balloon; all the ink going in was just weeping back out.
i think the artist (jrew at unique arts) stayed true to my design while enhancing it with his experience.
i'm currently in the manic-babying phase of care.  i feel the need to check it constantly, ensuring it's not too dry or too moist.  essentially it is an open wound and an infection would be bad-news-bears at this point.
although i have another tattoo, i anticipated this piece would be much more painful than it really was.  it feels much like road rash or a terrible sunburn when it gets hit with hot shower water...still not as bad as i anticipated.
a side note:  after all of my super-toughness in the chair, i nearly passed out on the way to my car.  i have no idea what came over me, but my ears were buzzing and the world seemed very far away.  thank goodness adam was there to save the day.  i have since read that it's not uncommon for this to happen to people after long tattoo sessions due to the heavy endorphin rush experienced while being worked on.


  1. My tattoo studio only uses Curel original lotion for after care. It's creamy, protects your skin and helps the healing. It was recommended to them by a dermatologist, even!
    I swear by it.

    Looks beautiful!!

  2. it's funny that you mention lotion because there's such a disparity between shops and their recommended aftercare!
    my artist is recommending ointment for the first stage of healing; until peel/flake *yum*.
    then move onto lotion.
    i can't remember what after care i used for my first tattoo...it was a "few" years ago!


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