like whoa.

the last two weeks month have been flying by in a blur.  it's all been happy stuff, with the exception of work related overload and deadlines.
here's a quick recap of the last two weeks worth of major events...

•both of our siamese cats went to the vet.  ella continues to maintain her stable baseline, although she has one funky (really stink producing) back tooth.  louie blu gave us a bit of a scare while getting ready to leave for the appointment by very nearly choking himself to death but is otherwise the picture of awesomeness.  i still have to schedule an appointment for our third cat, stan lee.  i do not look forward to that outing as she turns into a raging teradactyl in the car and it only gets worse at the vets office.

•we attended our friends, moses and cheryl's wedding at jimbos at point o' pines camp on brant lake.  adam was one of the groomsmen, so we got to attend the rehearsal dinner too.  in a rare turn of events, adam was seen dancing with no regard for appearances.  i was right there beside him.  we had a great time, making it three weekends in a row of rich food and merry imbibing.  i think a little abstinence and restraint may be in the works to balance things out a bit.

•we sent out the save-the-dates for our wedding!

•i met with an artist today and hashed out the details of my arm tattoo.  it will wind up being a very generous birthday present to myself, but is well deserved.  the tattoo artist, jrew thinks he can complete it in one long sitting.
the appointment is on monday afternoon, so wish me luck!


  1. My, my, you have been busy haven't you?! Can't wait to see the tattoo.

  2. Let's see the pics of the new tat!
    I got your save the date card-so simple and elegant and the date 9.10.11, Adam can never ever forget that!!!!
    I am very excited to have been invited! Mostly for the slippers and robes:)


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