french fries and beer.

beer, a liter being the standard size of course.
i am completely exhausted; like eye-burning, apathetically tired.
while i laid down and closed my eyes for what many would consider a full night, it's likely that the two+ liters of beer, piles of fried potato and cheese products residing in my gut contributed to my lack of quality sleep.  that is the only successful outcome of attending oktoberfest after all.  crazy cab rides, giant steins of beer, rich food, porto-potty acrobatics and good friends make for a memborable time; although my only complaint would be the lack of live german music.
i would be napping right now, but i can't seem to stop being distracted by my new toy.  i am not going to pretend to be super cool and aloof because the iphone 4 is pretty darned awesome.  there really is an app for everything.  which is why, if you will excuse me, i must get back to it.


  1. "Porto-potty acrobatics"--awesome. I have done a few of those, my approach and dismount have been described as graceful & skillful.....

  2. Good for you for taking the time to indulge in a bit of seizing the moment (and fries as it were.) May sleep and simple commodes find you in the days to come.

  3. @vi's mom navigating the porto-potty with a stein with a liter of beer adds additional points. later in the evening there was no tp left, so i should have gotten extra points for the creative use of the paper menu!

    @amanda last night's sleep was awesome, although i'm still feeling a step behind at work today. perhaps that's just par for the course on a monday...

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  5. I tip my hat to you. You have far surpassed me in creativity & abilities. Well done.
    I often miss our email exchanges at work.....oh the laughter....


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