did i mention i love this phone?

ella posing on her favorite fleece blanket
louie on his usual perch next to the television
crosbi doing her "fake" yawn
(all taken with my iphone using the hipstamatic app.  stan lee won't cooperate with picture taking so she goes unrepresented.  yeah.  i know i'm a dork.)


  1. Mike just got an ipod for the first time. Much like the iphone. He uses it more for games and other things than he does for music. Violet loves the drawing apps, pumpkin face make, and some castle game. Have you actually talked to anyone on your phone yet?
    Love the pics, very cool.

  2. I am so jealous of your iphone! I have an ipod touch that I'm addicted to, but cannot justify an iphone since my employer currently provides me with a free blackberry.

    Spectacular photos. And if you're a dork for loving your iphone, you've got a LOT of good company.

  3. @vi's mom HA! you know me well, but alas i have actually used my phone to talk to a person...that is if work related stuff counts?!?

    @woodswoman extraordinaire you would definitely appreciate the multiple photography related apps for the iphone. the picture quality isn't half bad. the hipstamatic app is meant to replicate old fashioned toy cameras, so the aberrations are intended.


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