hi all.  it might be a little quiet around here for the next week.
we're hosting thanksgiving at our place, so please send me your most peaceful and well organized thoughts.  adam's making his first turkey (16 pounds!) and i will be preparing some delicious meatless loaf (although "loaf" isn't the most appetizing word).
i've also got a fancy new printer coming in the mail tomorrow.  i spent a pretty penny on it, but it comes with a $300 mail-in-rebate (which i would like to receive before the next ice age).  that printer will (hopefully) be the gateway to me making (and selling) some prints of my artwork.  i forsee some trial and error in my near future.
happy holiday!


  1. Here's to soaking the very marrow from the pause. Enjoy!

  2. exciting! hosting dinner and preparing to print your art. Happy Thanksgiving Renee!


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