ice breaker.

there's nothing like a brief blog hiatus to give me a serious case of writers block.
the longer the break, the more "important" the first post seems to become.  thoughts swirl about why i write in the first place, whether it's a vain/useless/boring activity and the ever present worry about who-the-heck-even-reads-this?
never the less, writing here has become an essential mental clearinghouse and laboratory.
(i am alive) has introduced me to people, places and ideas i otherwise may not have found.  it's a great form of self-reflection.  it keeps me honest, although it would be just as easy to fabricate or embellish my life here.
most importantly and somehow mysteriously, it has been the gateway to my rekindled art creation.
so, i am back and thank goodness this first post is out of the way.

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