little steps.

i have finally opened an etsy shop.
not much is in there right now, but i'll be working on that.
shipping, taxes and the other business related details are a little intimidating, but i'm working on that too.

it's a little step towards the bigger goal!


  1. i love your work! good for you for opening the etsy shop. looking forward to see what's available next!

  2. hi, i am just a reader and admirer of your blog that you have never met! i am moving to the saratoga area soon and probably stumbled into this blog searching for "hiking" and "adirondacks"... but i really enjoy your photos, writing, and paintings. will visit the etsy shop soon!

  3. WOW Renee' I'm soooooooo proud of you. Wish my dad was still here, he would have loved to have someone else in the family to carry on the talent he so loved.

  4. @smileandrelax
    thanks for stopping by!

    that means a lot...more than you know :)

  5. How cool about the etsy shop! Great idea. BTW, I particularly love the "From Dix Mountain" that you have showing here...

  6. @woodswoman extraordinaire
    perhaps you have an etsy shop in your future as well :)


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