staying grounded.

i seem to have a more difficult time staying centered during the holidays.  lately it's been more challenging due to the planning of significant and transformative future events.
here are some things i always rely on to transport me back to the present moment:

•mugs of piping hot tea
•purring cats
•long walks
•cooking a hearty vegetarian meal
•being consciously still and quiet
really looking
•taking photographs
•trips to the library
•quiet dinners with adam

what are your strategies for staying present?


  1. These are exactly the things that I do...and I would add, deep, focused breathing, with intention. :)


  2. making my 3 year old niece's preschool christmas program a priority over all of the other committments nagging at me does wonders for the spirit! I am also going to a midnight christmas eve catholic mass for the first time ever because it is important to a friend..

  3. @corin
    i'm not catholic, but i have been to midnight christmas mass before. it's a really beautiful experience (and a very nice thing to do for your friend).

  4. It has taken me a long time to answer this great question. But as I sit and mindfully enjoy each bite of cucumber, or avocado, or grape tomato on my plate, the answer arrives: I eat mindfully. :) I pay attention to what I am doing as I select a morsel, appreciate its texture and color, and then, its flavor!


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