day two.

happy two thousand eleven!
isn't it exciting?
no really, please remember that january 1st is not just another day, it's a NEW year; a time for making big expansive promises to yourself and others that you may or may not keep!
what makes the first day of the gregorian calendar so important that it is a better time to reform yourself than any other day of the year?  would it be more productive to constantly re-evaluate yourself and your goals on a daily basis rather than once every 365 days?  i am not sure, but it is sure fun and often inspiring to hear everyone's resolutions.
i firmly believe that self reflection and setting personal goals is essential.  i prefer setting humble, everyday goals and relishing those small successes.  little steps always take you down a longer path and small changes accumulate over time.
don't get me wrong, new years is actually one of my favorite holidays.  it is relatively meaningless, without a gigantic tangle of religious or political subtext.  new years eve is a harmless excuse to celebrate your having survived another year, imbibe, over indulge and be grateful for your friends and family.
i spent my new years eve as the sober driver.  i enjoy a few drinks but am rather persnickety about mixing alcohol and massive hunks of steel moving at high speeds.  i love my friends and want them to stay alive; even the ones who persistently want to poison me with shots of strong liquor.
being the sober person in a bar full of intoxicated people in the wee hours of new years day is a bewildering experience.  my non-scientific observations show that it is a pretty universal theme that drunk people think they are acting much funnier and sexier than reality proves.  luckily, people who are intoxicated have a lower standard for funniness and sexiness than they do when less alcoholically challenged. simple tasks such as getting into a car, urinating in a socially acceptable area or keeping your head inside a moving vehicle become exceptionally difficult, if not impossible, for adam and my friends those with bellies full of adult beverages.
i am happy to say that everyone under my wing returned home safely, although one little bird spent the first day of his new year recovering on the couch. 
every day is an adventure, how lucky to start a new one every morning!


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