Tea poti've slowly been working on adding items to my etsy shop.  i have also created a facebook page; renee.leigh.art.  stop by and "like" me if you are so inclined!
it's difficult to set aside enough time (or as much as i would like) to make prints, create new work and generally learn the ropes of creating, marketing and selling art.  thank goodness etsy is such an incredible and supportive community, because this would be much more overwhelming otherwise.
it's not realistic that i be able to stop working a full time "day job" any time in the near future; especially while planning and saving for our wedding.  i still need time to rebuild my illustration portfolio, gather contacts and market myself.  right now i have been focusing a lot of time on my personal work just to get back in the creative habit. 
additionally, i'm not ready to stop being a case manager.  i anticipate that when the time comes, leaving human services work to be "an artist" will be a difficult transition.


  1. It's hard to make time for everything, but as long we feel that we're walking in the right direction, it's all worth the wait.

    Your paintings speaks to my Nordic heart; I'll go and have a look at Etsy (even if my account is empty, typical January...)
    Good luck!

  2. you're absolutely right, lilli.
    one step at a time! when i find myself getting frustrated, it's most often because i'm looking to far ahead.
    staying in the moment and balancing life's responsibilities requires some level of vigilance.
    thank you for your visit and your encouraging words!


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