today was our first day at our new, purple & yellow fitness club.  it was sort of like being the new kid at school.  after two years at the same gym, i felt a little like a lost puppy.  i can honestly say that after only one visit, it was the right choice.  our old gym was turning into a bit of a dump.  the equipment was in poor repair and the bathrooms were far from clean.  most importantly, the new gym costs 60% less than we had been paying.
on another note, i put some small original paintings in the shop today.


  1. Well, fancy. It always felt cramped there & that was all the excuse I needed not to go :)
    Mike and I have also started at a new gym, Moreau YMCA. It is soooo unbelievabley close. A friend of mine and I are getting a trainer! I am planning on looking very similar to Sarah Conner or at least better than Rosanne Conner.....we shall see....

  2. oh my gosh!
    i had no idea who sarah conner was, so i googled her :)
    good luck with your trainer...it's a great way to stay motivated!


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