i have been tidying up some of my online accounts.
i decided to consolidate my flickr accounts, having two separate ones was becoming a bit of a hassle. i will now be posting my artworks to my "main" photo page: adrndack.
i posted a few new prints at my etsy shop and cross posted them on facebook.
i disabled my portfolio website some time back and am still trying to figure out what to do with the domain. it's inevitable that i will need to reactivate it, but there's so many different web hosts that it's difficult to figure out the best option. any advice or recommendations?
i have also been fussing around on pinterest. it's a fun alternative to using delicious for bookmarking. i like to be able to see all the recipes i've saved for future cooking as a colorful pin board.


  1. I've never heard of this Pinterest thing but I like it.

  2. @tmc
    i only recently stumbled on pinterest myself.
    now i am completely hooked!


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