this is my digital illustration for this week's illustration friday topic: surrender.
getting a snow day as a result of the storm helped me carve out a little extra time to fuss around on photoshop!


  1. I looove it!

    Is that purely done in photoshop? Is there a brush that looks like crayon? I'm drooling over the possibilities.

  2. hey kate :)
    thanks for dropping by!
    i scanned in a sketch then colored and slightly altered it using photoshop.
    there must be a brush that looks like a crayon in photoshop though...
    (your revamped site looks great btw. hope you don't mind if i link to you in my blogroll.)

  3. Ohhh,that makes much more sense. I was boggled, trying to figure it all out. And no, don't mind at all! I need to figure out RSS feeds and start actually following blogs. I'm clinging to the old days when Livejournal was the only thing out there, and there's so much I want to keep on top of! Glad I caught this post on FB and followed it over.

  4. I've been having fun being snowed in too: lots of time to take care of the ends and odds of things! :)


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