drivewayi am here perched in the studio with a mug of strong black tea. my mind is a melange of different thoughts, none of which seem to be taking priority. perhaps my mental space is a metaphor for the weather we have been experiencing. i enjoy the winter weather as it makes me appreciate the little things more poignantly; being warm, eating home cooked meals and curling up with the animals.
i spent much of yesterday establishing my portfolio website. i had run into a significant glitch and only realized my error this morning. i am certainly no website developer, but i am trudging through. now i only need to put some illustration work on the site. more to come on that later.
in other news, i did find time for a quick painting yesterday which i have put in the shop. i hope to clear my mind of website mapping, domain names and hosting and get some more art done today before returning to "work" tomorrow.

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