despite my name, i am not french.

today is the last day of my four day weekend. i've been pretty lucky with the weather and have been able to get out, dig around, rake and uncover the new growth in the yard. happily, our first tulip opened and it looks like my rose bush survived the winter.
i'm trying to occupy my mind in the kitchen as i wait for fed ex to deliver my new macbook pro. i am typing this post on my old macbook and i feel a little sheepish about how excited i am for the new machine; like i'm cheating or something.
i decided to try a recipe that i've never made, nor have ever eaten. it's a vegetarian version of choucroute garnie which i found in one of our many cookbooks. apparently, this cookbook has what might be the only vegetarian version of the recipe because after only a quick google search i found that choucroute garnie is possibly the least vegetarian dish around. images are of a dish piling over with sausages, bacon and other animal products.
no bother; it was an excellent excuse to go to our local natural food store and pick up some veggie sausages. the recipe also calls for reisling. it's an odd feeling to be in a liquor store at 9:30 AM on a tuesday; the merchant hadn't even put cash in his register yet.
all but the sausages & tempeh are in the crockpot and hopefully my delivery will arrive soon so i can steal some time up in the studio before going back to the office tomorrow!


  1. how was it? i recognize what appears to be fried tempeh. yum! but anything with several varieties of pork sounds alarmingly parisian and nauseating. :) i was there (paris) years ago. i'll stick to the wonderful fresh baked goods, thanks!

  2. hi lee!
    it turned out pretty well. it's tough to say if it tastes "authentic" because i don't have anything to compare it to!
    your paris trip must have been amazing! i, too, would fill up on sweets and breads!


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