crosbi's enjoying some well deserved sun basking and stick eating in the yard today. she's had a hairy week.
apparently it's not uncommon that spayed female dogs develop urinary incontinence in their middle ages (how can she possibly be six years old already?!?). we took her to the vet on tuesday and she was started on a medication to help strengthen the muscles in her urinary tract. oddly, crosbi's new medication is the same active ingredient in accutrim, a human "drug" which was removed from store shelves some time ago. so our dog is now on an eighties diet pill.
it does seem to be effectively controlling her leakage, although she did have a rather unpleasant day which prompted the vet to cut her dose in half. poor dog, not only is she having these issues, but her mom is posting it for all to read on the internet. 
after seeing her outside today, something tells me she couldn't care less.


  1. Poor thing. Thank goodness there's medicine for it.

  2. @tmc
    she's doing much better, although i hate to think she'll be on this medicine for the rest of her life...

  3. Hi, Renee ~

    How is crosbi doing? Are the meds still effective? I hope she, you, Adam and the kitties are all well. I read about what you wrote and realized that my friend is having the same issue with her dog (female, about the same age as crosbi)...but it's been hit and miss with what they're treating her with. Would you mind e-mailing me the name of what the vet prescribed so that she can ask her vet for it ...or see if it's what her baby is on? It's been at least 4 months and has not been consistently successful. Thanks! MEinVA


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