be afraid.

a view out the studio window
surprise, surprise.
it's raining again.
and it's raining hard. i normally love it when it storms, but i've had a three day weekend and have been trapped inside the whole time.
luckily, this has given us an ample opportunity to focus our attentions on wedding minutia. i say 'luckily' both seriously and sarcastically.
before i go further let me make this clear, this blog will NOT become a wedding blog. to those not even slightly interested in weddings, let alone mine and adam's, bear with me. i can empathize. before i got engaged, i would have rather poke my eyes out with dull sticks than listen to the blow-by-blow of wedding planning. quite frankly, sometimes i still feel that way...especially when i catch myself getting caught up in it. it's a strange balance to find; the enjoyment of the process, the anticipation for the 'big event' and maintaining a safe distance from the crazy, commercial and sociological aspect of weddings.
but we are in the final months of planning a major life event and the truth is that we are very excited. the more of the details that come together, the more real it all seems. this weekend we designed and ordered the welcome dinner invites, got a contract for sound equipment rentals, updated the website and are 80% done with the wardrobes.
after all, if i can't write about it here, then what good is having a blog? plus, i trust you will all keep me in check!


  1. Lol. A Fine balance indeed, as with all life events which include blog followers used to a particular "menu". It's nice to change it up once in awhile :)

    Best of luck on the preparations. You SHOULD enjoy the process!

  2. wine and words:
    that's just the type of support i need! you rock!

  3. None of the details are tedious when it's a friend getting married.

  4. I get to hear the planning from the groom's refreshing to know that (sociologically he is just as excited to share in planning the details of the upcoming event! blog away renee :)

  5. corin:
    adam is a rare find. i guess that's why i'm marrying him!

  6. hey! i have never been married. but i am a MOM! so i got to plan my son's Bar Mitzvah, and it was so much fun and so memorable... at least in part because I made some decisions that reduced stress all around (like delaying it so he had more time to prepare, and choosing a venue that was budget-friendly)... I don't remember so much about the planning anymore but I do recall how happy a day it was and a high point, of all the days of my life.


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