over using the word 'awesome'.

(shanty study)
it's a slow sort of day today. my belly is restless as the unfortunate result of last night's jar of pasta sauce. indigestion is my payment for being too lazy to make my own sauce i suppose. at least dinner was delicious while i was eating it!
on a separate but equally gut twisting note, our wedding is now four months away. the days are flying by! i can remember when it seemed so far away. now i have to make a conscious effort to not get anxious or overwhelmed by the task list. adam now has a suit (a three piece for those that are following the plot line closely) and we are getting ready to send out the formal invitations. it is very exciting but, after all, just one (very awesome) day.
an awesome day followed by an even more awesome week in a mountain top cabin!!!

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  1. The wedding task list seems endless...and is, until the day of the wedding. Used to be honeymoons were for the couple to get to know each other physically. Now it's for recouperation!


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