drying out.

soggy walk
after what can only be described as an incredibly wet and soggy week, we seem to be having some ironic, but much needed sun and heat. we have been fortunate that our neighborhood didn't suffer much catastrophe from the excessive rain and hail storms. our neighbors northward were not so lucky.
alas, the trees have used the water to full advantage and are now bursting with bright yellow green buds. the explosion of similarly colored tree pollen will shortly follow and i will wonder, as i always do, how that stuff can get in all the places it does.
we grilled our dinner outside yesterday and had a couple awesome friends over. the first semi-legal fire pit was had. some reports indicate that there was dancing in the driveway, but that information is as yet, unconfirmed. i am slow to get moving today as a result, but it was certainly worth it.
we northerners can be had to convince but summer is indeed around the corner!


  1. We spent the evening sitting outside as well. It was beautiful and perfect...a rare day. I hear the dancing rumors. Tried to stop by and join the fun, but just couldn't get off my chair after a day of yardwork!

  2. @wine and words
    there's not many things as satisfying as relaxing outside with an adult beverage enjoying the yard you worked all day on!


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