three days.

it's been an exhausting holiday weekend; which is slightly ironic considering the fact that i don't feel like i "accomplished" anything substantial in the arena of artwork or housework.
in lieu of projects and tasks we filled the days with lakeside parties and dinners outdoors. we got enough sun on our skin to turn a little color even with multiple doses of pasty, suffocating sunblock. i definitely ate too many salty things, but potato chips are so worth the next day puffiness!
also, we received our first returned rsvps and i'm happy to say that we officially have guests attending our wedding...not that i was worried or anything.
i hope you all had an excellent weekend; extended or otherwise!


  1. Sounds like a great time! Hey, did you take that pic with the Hipstamatic App? Love that thing!

  2. @wine and words:
    the second lakeside party was definitely a good points during the first one i was thinking of your recent "party" post when you ended up with the ladybug in the field...
    and yes! that is taken with the hipstamatic app. i am completely addicted to it. my poor dslr is feeling tragically neglected.

  3. Lol. Canon is miserably lonely as well. Have you downloaded the PhotoScape software to your computer? You can do much the same thing with this free software, yet use the quality images from your DSLR. Do you have the 8mm App that lets you take skritchy old movies (WITH sound effects!!!) I'm addicted to that as well.

  4. @wine and words
    no i don't have that program nor have i tried that 8mm app.
    that old movie thing may be dangerous considering how addicted to hipstamatic i am :)

  5. That photo is amazing! Perfect day, locale, and technology, oh and photographer doesn't suck to bad either.:)


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