eighteen miles.

we finally got our bikes off their winter storage hooks in the garage and took our first spin down the bike trail to lake george. it was our intention to do this last weekend but the decadence of our long weekend of debauchery prevented us from completing any real physical exercise.
it's such a great trail, mostly through wooded areas and very rarely crossing traffic. well planned with lung busting uphills followed by glorious, racing downhill stretches, you barely notice that you've gone more than nine miles. then, like the celebration of sunrise, you see lake george through the trees!
once the bikes were parked, we took a quick walk through downtown lake george. it's the usual souvenir shops but there does seem to be some new and interesting looking dining establishments. i'm not sure why we don't hop the $1 trolley from our house to kick around the village for dinner once in a while. the elvis festival happened to be going on this weekend and bikers were starting to roll in for americade; an interesting mix of characters for sure.
it feels nice to burn some calories outside of the gym. maybe we'll even get back to hiking soon!

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