honestly, every night is date night.

adam and i have an established tradition of not exchanging gifts at holidays. despite this, we do take each other to a rare dinner out alone for our respective birthdays. nearing his 34th year, adam's choice of sushi luckily led us to the fantastic place right in downtown glens falls, siam thai sushi restaurant.
adam successfully experimented with a captain crunch roll in addition to his usual sushi platter. i took his word that it was the best roll he's ever had because while there are vegetarian sushi rolls, the captain crunch was certainly not one of them.
i filled up on edamame and tofu with cashew nut sauce. despite what i always say about ordering sushi, i can never resist the thai dishes, especially the ones that threaten you from the menu with their multiple red chili pepper warnings. admittedly, i have quite a taste for spicy food, but i have never found those dishes with the pepper icons to be as hot as they are advertised.
would it be foolish that next time i ask for my dish "thai hot"?

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