it's a crazy ride.

dock walk glen lake
you know that feeling when you're so tired that your eyes burn and your stomach is a little off? you can't really concentrate and you feel like you're moving through mashed potatoes? did i lose you at the mashed potato part?
well, anyway, that's how i feel right now.
i know, i know...
it's like a broken record. we were just here a week ago, but it's the sign of a well spent two days off work.
life is a funny cocktail though and it's not all sweet. we are just getting past a very scary event that happened almost two weeks ago when our good friend wrecked his motorcycle and was air lifted 50 miles away to the nearest trauma center. it was a classic late night phone call with little assurances and too many frightening details. thankfully, he is making an amazingly speedy recovery and we were able to spend some relieving time together at his family's camp yesterday.
one minute you're planning a wedding and the next you're wondering if a most important person will be alive to witness your union.


  1. So glad it sounds like your friend is on the mend - scary! Those moments are so awful, but at least they help us keep things in perspective, and remind us of what's truly important in life. I hope he recovers completely in no time.

  2. thanks holly :)
    you're absolutely correct about it giving you perspective...i think our friend has also been given a good dose of it...considering he's a newlywed with a four month old baby girl!


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