loosen up.

with the lack of wedding planning tasks, i am back to spending at least half of my weekends back in the studio. most recently, i am studying up on photoshop cs5 and it's migraine-inducing powers. i somehow avoided learning much about photoshop in college and i am paying a price for that now.
perhaps it's a reaction to all the computer based imaging software, but when i have a free second to actually create art i am trying to experiment a little. the above painting is an attempt to be more spontaneous and play with the transparency inherent to watercolors. there is a beautiful quality to the unplanned aberrations but it is difficult for me to leave them alone and let them exist untouched.
there's a tiny life lesson in that painting wisdom, isn't there?


  1. Having a bit of trouble with CS5 myself. I got a mac and had to buy the new version. Can't find my Render Lighting Effects section anymore. WHY do they always have to move things with a new version. Make it better, but leave everything where it was!!! ARRRGH. Yes, perhaps the painting is saying the same thing. Leave each stroke where it was placed, just as it was placed. The painting and it's colors are lovely.

  2. thanks for the kind words about the painting, wine and words!
    glad to hear that i'm not the only one wrestling with CS5!


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