wait...people watch football on thanksgiving?

thanksgiving smoker
i hope all who celebrate had a gratitude-filled thanksgiving.
adam and i had a quiet day of cooking, feasting and watching horror movies; just the two of us. it was a perfect way to celebrate our first married thanksgiving!
adam smoked his turkey while i made a nutloaf. having been vegetarian for so long, i find it hard to believe i have never tried a nutloaf, let alone make one. despite the long ingredient list, it's relatively simple to make and most definitely delicious to eat. surprisingly "meaty" and due to it's name, adam found endless ways to inject innuendo into my meal.
my only regret is that we didn't wait to watch the unrated version of cabin fever 2 until after we ate. it was the goriest movie i have ever seen; not violent but a gag-inducing and repulsive kind of gory. i know that folks who don't enjoy horror movies might find it odd that a movie would be appealing and disgusting at the same time. honestly, i'm not sure i understand it myself and have written about the paradox before. to each their own, right?

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