knee deep.

bloomingdale "camp" i am completely engrossed in a commissioned project right now and it is leaving me little spare mental power to put meaningful words together into a post here.
'tis the season to feel overwhelmingly busy and one step behind. try as i might to avoid that trap, it seems that i always find myself digging out and trying to justify down-time.
i suppose i am no different than the rest of us mere mortals, trying to slow time down unrealistically. when things seem to be spinning, hot tea helps and so does turning the television off. (we have a terrible household habit of the television being on even if no one is watching it.) i find that taking the time to prepare a recipe or snap some photographs puts time back on track too.
what ways do you all stay sane this time of year?


  1. Spectacular photo! Sanity is always a little elusive this time of year. Mellow music helps a little. As does just buckling down and spending a day or two trying to get as much accomplished as humanly possible. And I reward myself the week between the 25th and 1st with time to do a whole bunch of artwork that's not commissioned, but just for me. Looking forward to that helps get me through the chaos. Good luck!

  2. trying to abstain from the commercial aspect of the holiday and spending time instead of money if at all possible makes me feel like i am avoiding the insanity of this time of year. i have shopped online which frees time to be in the woods rather than in the malls!! hiking to the wilcox lake lean to in stony creek on sunday.


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