getting to zero.

today is World AIDS Day.
beginning in 2011 the World AIDS Campaign & the United Nations theme is "Getting to Zero", an effort to move towards eliminating AIDS related deaths.

think that's not possible? well it is. HIV/AIDS is a completely preventable disease, but because it is so closely related to "taboo" behaviors we don't speak openly about it and let it continue to spread.

we can all stop it.

don't think you're at risk? it's probably not true.

never been tested? go and get it done. unless you've delivered a baby in the US since the mid-nineties, you have not been tested without explicitly consenting to it, which means you signed a form. HIV testing is not part of routine medical exams.

most of all, be aware, be compassionate and be informed.


  1. Thank you for the kind and compassionate work you do with folks suffering from this disease.


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